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project at college where i have to take a self portrait in the style of an artist (i got forced to do van gogh) (im not finished yet)

this is grand

This literally looks like a photograph. The lighting and shadows and colors and DETAILS are so realistic it’s insane

Sorry to break it to you but it … its a photograph

It’s 3 am and my flatmates are playing football in the kitchen I am fucking beyond enraged I have to be up at 7 am I’m gonna slice that football in half with my fuckin chi


Ebola got me like

T.O.P for Vogue Korea (November 2014)

Source: DCTOP

Track: Wii Shop Channel Music - Shopping Theme


i just audibly laughed out loud


Details + Flowers.

  1. Władysław Czachórski: The Flowers 
  2. Bartolomeo Guidobono: Allegory of Spring 
  3. Etienne Adolphe Piot: Flowers
  4. Etienne Adolphe Piot: Jeune Femme
  5. Cesare Dandini: Allegory of Intelligence


"Face of the Future" Allure Magazine November 2009 by Marilyn Minter


Emma Whitney - Titania