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spaghouli asked: What's up Chaz? Why's uni awful :(?

It’s just so stressful I can’t seem to make any proper friends and I’m constantly feeling like I don’t fit in its just school all over again but with cool rich bohemian art students instead (I’m the only person on my course that’s still a Virgin, hasn’t been in a relationship and doesn’t smoke) and my illustration course just seems so different from what I expected and my lecturers weren’t impressed with my art at all in fact they were very dissatisfied with it because I use a tablet???? I’ve just had a shit week really I dunno

Uni is awful


When you finally get to piss after waiting for hours




this is how gay people communicate 


Love of my life

Moving to bristol in 3 days holla

The things I would do to have skinny legs though (apart from exercise)